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What is Inflamax Spray?

Inflamax Spray is a topical anti-inflammatory that provides effective temporary relief from muscle, tendon and ligament pain by reducing inflammation. Inflamax Sprays contains the active ingredient diclofenac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which is commonly used for the treatment of pain associated with inflammation.

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Why Inflamax?

Highly concentrated spray gel

Inflamax Spray is the only topical diclofenac with 4% w/w concentration.

Enhanced skin penetration

The unique formulation of diclofenac + lecithin aids the penetration of the active ingredient into the skin.

Practical and easy to use

Inflamax Spray pump provides a targeted application to the site of the pain. It allows you to apply the recommended daily dose of 120mg diclofenac without product wastage

Fast drying

No extensive rubbing required, Inflamax Spray dries quickly, is non-greasy and non-sticky.

Pleasant scent

Inflamax Spray has a pleasant peppermint scent.

Convenient size

The 30mL bottle delivers over 130 measured sprays.


How to use Inflamax Spray

Inflamax Spray is easy to use. Each spray delivers 8mg of the active ingredient, which allows you to apply the recommended daily dose of 120mg diclofenac without product wastage.

For effective temporary relief from local pain, apply 4-5 sprays, depending on the size of the affected area, 3 times a day. Rub into the skin as needed.

Inflamax Spray can be used for up to 14 days before consulting with your health care professional.


INFLAMAX SPRAY: Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
INFLAMAX LIQUID CAPS 25: Ask your Pharmacist about this Product.